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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept Bitcoin and Dogecoin for investment.

      Login to your account
      Go to "Profile" section on the left.
      Enter your desired payment address in the required field.
      Click on "update".

Yes, You are able to have multiple accounts as long as you provide different valid email addresses.

Minimum amount required for deposit is $25.00

Yes you can, there is no limit on the source of your deposits, and you are able to make deposits as many times as you want and as much as you wish from different Bitcoin/Payeer addresses.

Scootcoin payment system is instant, your Bitcoins/Dogecoins will be Automatically released toward your account upon withdrawals.

Withdrawal fees will be paid by Scootcoin and investors do not need to pay any fees on their withdrawals.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $25.00. There is no limitation for withdrawal as a maximum amount. .

Your principal is included in your total returns.